Melissa and David Get Hitched / by Kathryn Trentini

Liz is one of my best mates. We have been friends for more than 15 years so being asked by her and her fiancé to create their wedding invitations through an online format was such an exciting privilege I jumped at it! My feeling of excitement soon turned to disappointment when I discovered that dedicated wedding invitation sites whilst highly functional were aesthetically disappointing (or at least I couldn't make it look the way I wanted it to!) and there was no way one of my best mates was having that! 

So, me being me, I of course had to take it up a notch and decided that nothing less than a full-blown website was needed. Fast-forward 8 hours, they had a dedicated website, a dedicated email address linked in the back end to a simple database, a social media platform, their own hashtag and they are all set for the big party to come. The most wonderful moment came when I was told 'I had a tear in my eye' for what they were seeing online. They love it and I love them for loving it! Melissa and David Get Hitched